How to Become a Freelance Web Developer - A Six Months Plan

How to Become a Freelancer – A Six Months Plan


At this time of COVID when every one of us sits at home to protect ourselves and family the demand for freelancer is increasing.

If you have chosen a skill and being an expert in that field, you should go for freelancing even if you can give some of your time to take a start and continuing your regular job. The younger generation is more interested than the older ones in freelancing.

Nowadays freelance web developer are in high demand and are increasing day by day. So, if you are a web developer, it is a good career for you. But if you want to startup with freelancing as a web developer you should know some of the important key points. I am here to guide your six-month plan.

Hard to initiate but profitable result

You don’t get the result immediately if you are starting up any work. But by the time and your experience give you the best result. According to experts, one should start freelancing while doing a regular job.

By the time when you get expert give your whole time working as freelance web developer in sharjah and run your business and be your own boss.

Make your platform

Make a website where you can make your portfolio and update it by the time. This will create a good impression on your client’s mind. Also, display your work on your website.

First work with local party

You must start first with the local party that is based on a small setup. You can offer your service to your father or relatives who are doing small business. This will give you a good experience.

Set your price

Once you have done some of the local clients, move ahead, set your price. First, analyze your audience, watch your competitors and create your pricing strategy.

Make an account on social media

This will help you a lot in getting hired by clients. You can make your channel on YouTube. Just market your business on each social media account. This will give a positive impression.

How to deal with clients

Your business is a two-way partnership. You have a choice to select your client. Behavior is very important for both sides. You should be respectful to your client and fulfill your commitment.

The client also gives respect to you and should have proper communication. He should value your skill. If the client is reasonable and you are feeling comfortable then you should welcome him.

Last words

Strong skills in web development will lead you to a successful freelancer. Give more time, build your experience, keep your eye on new technologies, and don’t show your back. Remember there is no shortcut and only had working will pay off.