What is Freelance Web Developer Hourly Rate?

What is Freelance Web Developer Hourly Rate?

Getting the web development services is tricky in the competition. Usually, the freelance web developer’s hourly rate is too much and depends on the region from where you are taking that service. 

Moreover, the website’s nature, its size, design, project nature, and a lot of different aspects are the main contributors in defining the rate. 

In the current scenario freelance web developer hourly rate 2021 is starting minimum from $25 to $100 per hour. 

What is Freelance Web Developer Hourly Rate?

But it is totally depending on the web developer, his or her location, and the medium through which you are approaching them for the development work.

Are you interested in web development services? Or looking for a freelance web developer in Dubai

Most importantly is to look and define what kind of services you are actually looking to get from the developer. After that, it moves towards the freelance developer hourly rate identification or the platform to hunt the one.      

What you are actually looking for in the web development task?

The website development, software development, setting up the duplicate site or much more included in the development work. 

So, first of all, it is necessary to define those who are interested in website development from scratch, are interested in the beginner level developer, want to get some for website maintenance or to look after the running operations. 

For every kind of development work, the rate will be different and it is important to know whether you define the developer can handle the project or not.

Freelance developer hourly rate dubai considered minimal as compared to any other region. People prefer to hunt someone with the full development insight and ability to handle complicated work.

If you are going to design and develop a website from scratch, then it will cost you more. because the developer is going to start it from scratch and will charge the rate accordingly. 

Other than that adding something to the existing website will not cause cost. It includes adding system codes, management of the site or adding some interface like mobile responses or more. 

The complete website work is handled by the developer and usually related to the full stack web developer hourly rate or maybe they will charge a lump sum amount.

In the maintenance of the website, there is no need for a professional developer, a person with beginner skills will be able to handle it. 

But it is depending on the website design, style, and the system on which the website is actually working. 

If you want to handle the hosting issues, want to handle some tools, change URL, or other changes then it is not required to hire a professional developer to handle and bear the cost. 

All you need to locate the freelance developing services provider to hire for a particular job.   

You can opt for the option to hire a freelance developer at an hourly rate to handle the designing task. 

Most developers know and handle design-related projects. Such projects did not require long-term engagement; you can hire a freelance web developer hourly rate in Dubai.

The rate will vary and depend on the nature of the project!

If you are going to design the website from scratch, then professional or entry-level web developer hourly rates differ. 

Such a project usually starts from $2000 and goes up to $20,000 depends on the developer’s experience, project nature, and complexity. 

In the calculation of the hourly rate in the freelancing field the web developer will charge the rate starts from $25 per hour and goes up to $200 per hour on the experience and professional insights.

It is good to streamline the services you are looking for from the web developer and then find out the reasonable freelance developer to handle the particular job.

Another important question starts where to find a freelancer to handle tasks!

You can find out the freelance developer with web developer hourly rate Dubai to plan the project and get their services. 

Here we will help you out to know more about the freelancer and the platforms that will keep you close to your relevant providers to get services.

Let’s explore some of the platforms where you can find out the freelancer with an hourly rate for freelance web developer Dubai:

Find in your circle

It is the first source to find out the developer offering freelance services regarding website development. You can speak to the friends and share the words that you are looking for the services. 

It will help to locate the person who is giving the services. You can ask a friend who recently develops a website or maintain it, moreover getting an online recommendation is another feasible option to locate a freelance web developer.   


UpWork is an online freelancer platform that will help to locate the best freelancer around the world for a particular project. 

You can create a job here and market it, further different people who are working in the development domain share their CVs here. You can search for the one with the experience to handle your kind of project.


Freelancer is another freelancing platform where people build and share their freelancing profile to get the projects. You can join the community to locate the one according to the services you are required to get.


Guru a freelancing website that allows you to post your projects with the budget range. It will help to match with the freelancers who are flexible and willing to do the job within the defined budget. 

Through this, you can get a good freelance web developer for a particular task.


Toptal is a new addition to online freelancing platforms. It is a source to connect clients with freelance web developers. 

Toptal is working to provide the best developers online for freelancing tasks. You can find the best on this freelancing platform for the relevant project.

Moreover, it is good to get the proper idea about the freelance web developer hourly rate Dubai to get the best rates to complete the project.