Teespring vs Shopify: Is Teespring still profitable?

The POD (Print on Demand)  industry helps make easy money without a hefty investment. Platforms like Teespring and Shopify are the most relevant in the POD industry. 

Due to the pandemic, the focus of the POD market is shifting. During past years a massive boom in the demand for face masks is witnessed. Demand for merchandise related to political events also increased. 

But is this all leading to the decline of these platforms making the newcomers wonder whether POD is still profitable or not?

According to the global News wire,  the Print On Demand market will increase. It will move from USD 1119.2 million in 2019 to USD 10810 million by 2027.  This shows that Shopify and Teespring are still profitable.

But which is the best platform for POD business? You will find your answer in this Teespring vs Shopify review. 

What is Teespring & Shopify? Difference & Similarities

Teespring is a free marketing platform. It allows users to create and sell products without paying any upfront cost. Over 50 kinds of products can be created using free and paid design tools. 

The user has to create a design for the product and upload it. It handles printing, shipping, and customer service on its own. 

Shopify is not exactly its ideal alternative. It is an e-commerce website provider which has some POD-focused apps that are helpful in generating revenue. 

Getting started in Teespring

Getting started with the this marketplace is very easy. You need to follow two steps- design and marketing.

  • Design 

Before designing any product be sure about your niche. Niche is important for product marketing and targeting the potential audience. 

You can add designs on Teespring or create your own with design tools. It has both free and paid design tools. Once you are done with the design, upload your product. You can sell it here and on other platforms as well.

  • Marketing of the product

Teespring profit margins can only go high if you properly market your products. Boost the sale through digital marketing. Also, promote it on offline events and forums. 

Once an order is placed, this POD marketing platform will handle the rest of the procedure. It will deliver the printed merchandise to the doorstep of the customer. 

Getting started in Shopify

The process is different with Shopify. It does not have any in-built design tool. You can start by creating your website here and A freelance Shopify developer can help save time and create an intriguing website.

It has partnered with numerous apps. You can use them for designing, Shipping, and promoting your business. Use the Shopify features and benefits to grow your business. If you are having trouble managing this, contact a freelance web developer

Teespring vs Shopify: Features Comparison 

Pricing and Plans

Teespring is free. Users can select their own profit vs to be paid amount and decide the profit margins for their business. The user may have to pay for some additional design tools but they can also opt for the free design. But keep in mind that the base price of the “base products” is usually fixed.

Shopify is a paid platform. Its basic plan features cost $29/month. Whether it is free to use or not, depends on the tools. But you must have a basic plan to access it.


Teespring is very easy to use and can be handled by a non-tech user also. The process is simple and quite straightforward. 

Shopify is complicated to use as a POD platform. This is reasonable because its basic plan features are designed for creating a full-fledged e-commerce platform.

Product and Store Options

Shopify offers every kind of product for printing. The product list is regularly updated here. It is also equipped with Basic Storefront Design Tool & features which can boost your sales.  

It can be used to sell anything from Supplement Industry to the fashion Industry. Numerous Store design tools are also available here.

Sales and Marketing Tools

Teespring has integration with popular platforms like Tiktok, youtube, and Facebook. But its marketplace is saturated with sellers instead of buyers. You will have to rely on yourself for marketing. 

Shopify has strong marketing tools and traffic optimization techniques. You can get some free apps here for SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media. Multiple sales channels are also available on this e-commerce service provider. 

Customer Database & Customer support 

If you are a seller on Teespring you will not have access to the customer database. The platform itself handles the production and dispatch of the product and does not disclose any information. 

Shopify provides a customer database to its users. By accessing this data you can plan your further strategy and create business-related campaigns. 

Customer support service is only available during business hours on Teespring while its rival provides 24/7 customer service. 

Payment providers

PayPal and Payoneer are the most preferred payment methods.  Bank account & cheques are often delayed on Teespring. 

There are numerous payment options available. You can select any payment method and go further with it. 

Is Teespring still profitable? 

Due to changing dynamics, people doubt its potential and reach but Yes it is still profitable but only if you can channel proper traffic to your product. 

Go with Teespring if you can have a tight budget but a good niche and potential customers. The latter is advised only when you think your business will expand in the future. Prepare a good budget before investing in a paid e-commerce store. 

Meta description: Is teespring still profitable? Look at this review of Shopify and teespring. Teespring is a free POD platform and Shopify is a paid site.  

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