Yotpo Shopify integration: All you need to know

The importance of a customer review is easily assumable. It helps influence the decision of a customer and also strengthens the credibility of a company. Before buying a product on an e-commerce shop people often go through all the reviews and ratings. It helps them in building a better interaction with the company and the product. Here comes the role of Yotpo Shopify integration. 

E-commerce sites can only show people’s comments when you provide a proper platform to your customers to give their opinion and views. App or tool for such things is very crucial and in Shopify, this role is often played by Yotpo. 

What is Yotpo Shopify integration? 

Yotpo is an app integration tool for collecting reviews and ratings. With the help of this application, merchants can collect product and site reviews in the form of photos and texts. They even collect ratings.

The method is quite simplified and easy. It is done by collecting public comments through automatic mails, SMS, or onsite review visits.

Yotpo is an official partner Plus Technology Partner of Shopify. It has helped popular apps like  MVMT, Leesa, Beardbrand, Pura Vida Bracelets, and UNTUCKit in improving their sales and getting more credibility among the customers. 

This integration platform has also collaborated with popular names of the Internet such as  Google,  SMSBump, Klaviyo, Facebook, Instagram, and Pagefly. 

It has different monthly plans but it also offers free service. In the free service plan, you can get 200 extra orders for your 1st month and Up to 50 monthly orders.

Other features like Review Request Emails, On-site Widgets, and Review Moderation give additional support. Social Push & SEO Page helps create a better hold over the index page of Google. 

Pricing and plans 

GROWTH 50 ($19/month)

  • Free features plus
  • 50 monthly orders
  • Rich Snippets
  • Photo & Video Reviews
  • Product & site reviews in 1 flow
  • Reviews Carousel
  • Live chat support

GROWTH 100 ($29/month)

  • Free features plus
  • 100 monthly orders
  • Rich Snippets
  • Photo & Video Reviews
  • Product & site reviews in 1 flow
  • Review Carousel
  • Live chat support

Benefits & features 

Include customer photos

Visuals like photos and images often grab more attention and build more credibility from the customers. Yotpo Shopify integration allows easy addition of pictures and videos in the comments. 

All kinds of reviews

Public opinion and views provide a kind of social proof on e-commerce sites that helps in boosting sales. You can include photo reviews, product reviews, and on-site reviews. Artificially intelligent requests will help collect more reviews in an efficient way without investing much time. 

Display on-site

The location of reviews on a site also affects the conversion points. It should be added in an optimal location where the customers can easily reach it and it takes a few seconds only to load. 

The Yotpo integration platform allows creating beautiful and on-brand displays with easily customizable widget options which load in less than 0.5 seconds. 

Positive impact on sales

It has a direct impact on sales. If a product has more negative reviews then there is a high chance that its sales will decrease. A review collecting medium also plays an important role. If your customer cannot give its review easily then they will also have a negative impression of your brand.

What can you do with it?

  • You can send SMS to review requests and automated emails.
  • You can collect rating reviews Q and A and photos from your customers.
  • You can boost your sales by showcasing your on-site reviews and ratings.
  • It can help you to boost brand discovery through Google search.
  • You can also share the published review on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and comment on them to directly engage with the customers. 

How to get started? 

The process is a little bit complicated so usually, a freelance Shopify developer is recommended because he can save your time and easily connect both the platforms. Starting with free plans is recommended the most. But still, if you want to give it a go then follow the given steps

  1. Synchronize your Shopify account to Yotpo. 
  2. Now change or create old available data routes and set them via marketplace to create your required business process.
  3. Now use the tools to finish your connection and match all your data objects to one format.


Yotpo has successfully proved itself to be the best app in this domain to be integrated into Shopify. It helps flag the negative comments making the merchant aware of their product or site performance and impact on people.

A 24/7 support and service system is also available here. It is a great platform to integrate and collect public opinion. The help of a freelance web developer can simplify the whole integration process.  

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