Top 5 Best Payment Gateways For Shopify

Payment gateways are an essential part of every e-commerce business.  Setting smooth payment gateways on Shopify can increase sales. Secure payment methods will retain customers in your Shopify store. 

But Shopify business owners often get overwhelmed while selecting a  Shopify Payment Gateway. Numerous options are available and each has a different Shopify payment gateway charge. So which one to select?

If you are also stuck then this article will help you find a solution. Here is a list of the top 5 Shopify Payment Gateway methods with complete detail of Shopify payment gateway API, charges, and other relevant information. 

Before selecting a Shopify Payment Gateway Keep this in mind

  • Geographical location

While selecting an eCommerce gateway, geographical location plays a key role. Location will decide the currency and can affect your sales rate if you do not find a suitable Shopify Payment Gateway for there. 

  • Cards accepted for payment

Your Shopify Payment Gateway must be suitable for your preferred card payment method. 

  • Security Concerns

No Shopify Payment Gateway can be better than one that ensures proper security while doing transactions. Your Shopify payment gateway integration must ensure end-to-end encrypted payment methods. 

  • Target client

Your e-commerce payment gateway must be suitable for your client base. For instance, if your potential customers are simple homemakers then a Shopify gateway accepting cryptocurrency won’t be of any use. 

But if your target audience is related to the digital currency field then this will be the best payment gateway for your e-commerce store. 

  • Shopping Experience

Your e-commerce Shopify Payment Gateway must ensure smooth transactions. This will help in ensuring a good shopping experience for the customers. 

1. Shopify payment

Shopify payment is already included in your Shopify account. This is one of the best payment gateways for Shopify as it allows both online and physical payment through a Free card reader. 

You can manage your orders, payments, and payouts directly from your Shopify account. The payment will usually take 3 business days to reach your account. The built-in risk tool will identify suspicious orders and will eliminate them from your system. 

Upgrading to Shopify plans will reduce the basic transaction charge which is 2.2%. You can easily activate your Shopify payment option by Payment Providers in the settings. Fill in the necessary details and select a plan and your Shopify payment account will be activated. 

Transaction charges:  

  • Basic plan- 2.2% + 20p fee
  • Shopify Standard-  1.9% + 20p fee
  • Advanced Shopify-  1.6% + 20p fee

Special features: 

Free card reader to use in physical stores

built-in risk tools to identify suspicious orders

Available in: Canada, US, United Kingdom, Singapore,  Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand

2. Stripe

Stripe is one of the best third-party payment providers for Shopify. It is designed with multiple features for providing ease of transactions in larger firms. 

Merchants can create their support system with multiple APIs present in it. These APIs can be customized with the help of a freelance Shopify developer

As it required knowledge of development languages such as ruby, Python, PHP, and Java. 

Transaction charges:

  • European cards- 1.4% + 20p
  • Non-European cards- 2.9% + 20p

Special features: 

  • Accepts payment in 135 currencies (online and in-person)
  • subscription management
  • online invoice
  • fraud & risk management
  • business financing

Available in: Most popular in the US but available in more than 35 countries and territories. 

3. Paypal

Paypal is a very popular Shopify Payment Gateway. Paypal is leading the market by surpassing even its parent app eBay. It is the most used payment method for Shopify gateway. It offers numerous features to its customers. 

PayPal even accepts international payments and you can make direct payments through it. 

Transaction charges:

  • Sales volume up to £55,000/month- 1.9% + 20p
  • Sales volume less than £1,500/month- 3.4% + 20p

Special features:

Both free and paid accounts are available

cart integration

multiple customization options

online invoicing

Available in: 230 countries+ 220 million active users 

4. WorldPay

WorldPay is considered one of the best Shopify payment gateway integration because of its user-friendly features. WorldPay can cater to the needs of any business type irrespective of their size. 

It is the second-largest Shopify Payment Gateway after PayPal.  WorldPay takes 3-5 business days for complete installation but this platform has an international reputation for excellent security. A freelance web developer can assist you in the setup process. 

Transaction charges: 

  • Pay as you go- £25+  10p 
  • Fixed monthly- £49.99
  • Standard- £19.95 + 10p

Special features:

  • Accepts online payments and through telephone and card machines.
  • Accepts  120 currencies
  • High-class security 
  • Excellent customer service

Available in: Most popular in Asian Pacific but operate in more than 146 countries. 

5. SagePay (now Opayo)

SagePay is also a popular Shopify Payment Gateway. It is most popular in the UK. SagePay allows payment via online and phone. 

SagePay runs multiple checks on your e-commerce store to analyze contact information and payment logos displayed on the page. SagePay uses high-security levels and can detect frauds also. 

Transaction charges:

  • 350 transactions- £19.90 per month
  • 500 transactions- £45 per month
  • +3,000 monthly transactions- bespoke corporate plan

Special features:

  • 24/7 support system
  • flat monthly fee
  • fraud detecting tools 
  • secure and reliable connections,
  • drop-in checkout integration

Available in: Most popular in the UK and used by more than 55,000 businesses globally. 

Meta: Selecting the best Shopify Payment Gateway is crucial for your Shopify store. PayPal is the largest eCommerce gateway followed by WorldPay.

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