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Freelance Shopify Developer in Dubai with Expertise and Innovativeness:

Hi, everyone! As the leader in Shopify app development with over 13 years of expertise and unique creativity, I'm equipped to create fantastic Shopify applications, custom Shopify websites, JavaScript apps, e-commerce projects, and much more.

Wide-Ranging Experience and Exposure:

My previous experience includes work with Middle Eastern and international companies, including SENYAR Group Kuwait,,,,, and

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Shakeel Mumtaz

About Me

I'm delighted to meet you! I am an accomplished Shopify developer that has been developing ground-breaking projects in Dubai. Simply put, I feel I will be of great use to your team.

I'm happy to work with clients to make sure that your aims are met by offering you the best online experiences available. Regardless of whether we're improving conversions and ROI or increasing engagement, we can do it all together.

My work experience has become expansive and diverse, broadening my abilities while changing my frame of mind.

I am always on the lookout for creative and fresh ideas. Are you unable to complete your ideas because you get stuck in the middle of the creative process? Look for a specialist that has the entrepreneur's mindset and understands the firm's demands and specifications.

Let's have a conversation! I shall follow your every instruction, to the letter.

Technical Skills & Services

Shopify Development

Store setup, Dropshipping store, Bug fixes, APIs Integration etc.

Shopify Theme Customization

Develop theme from scratch, HTML to Shopify theme, PSD to Shopify theme etc.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Shopify Store Speed Optimization, Improve Store User Experience, AB Testing etc.

Shopify Apps Development & Integration

Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Mobile app development, App customization etc.

eCommerce Store Migration to Shopify

From Wordpress, OpenCart, Magento, BigCartel, PrestaShop, Bigcommerce, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Improving Keyword Ranking, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Pagespeed Insights, Keyword Research etc.

My Portfolio

Rebel Girls
Sandal Souq
Slice Life
Jotun Paints


Akram Assaf Review

Akram Assaf, CTO at

I managed Shakeel in different projects and found him very easy to work with. He has deep understanding about software development standards and best practices. He delivers strong, clean, efficient code on time and operates with a high degree of integrity.

Reem Haj Ali Review

Reem Haj Ali, CEO at

He knows how to code, and his work completely reflects that. He shows complete devotion to his work, he is punctual and never interferes in things which are not related to his work. Loves his work, he is loyal to the work and a great colleague to work with. Shakeel is impressive.

Hisham Malik Review

Hisham Malik, CEO at Arkhitech

Shakeel has great ability to deliver on assigned development tasks with speed and accuracy. You can assign a task to Shakeel, clear out the requirements, and know that the task will be completed very fast. Shakeel has strong skills in Wordpress and has also developed libraries for Wordpress as well. I look forward to working with him in future.

Feeling like impressed?

Let's discuss your next big idea!

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7 Reasons Why Web Developers Prefer Shopify For E-Commerce Store

Do you wonder why Shopify developers recommend this platform for e-commerce site creation?

It is a famous e-commerce platform that allows you to create your online store without technical knowledge. It is known all around the world; it won the trust of many big brands.

Online shopping is becoming a priority, and for many shopaholics or large spenders, their first choice. It's not due to lack of time. Online shopping has just taken over. The Internet and technology have made it easier for both merchants and customers to engage in e-commerce. Online shopping is tempting.

This economic shift inspires many entrepreneurs to create their businesses. It's hard to conceive, yet the choices exist.

Many e-commerce systems make it simple to set up an online business. Consider. It is advisable to select a platform where you can first experience the convenience before leaping.

Here are 6 significant reasons why Shopify developers use this platform for every online store:

1. Easy To Use

For starters, it is a top-rated e-commerce platform since it simplifies building an online store from scratch. Create an account on a platform and utilize the provided tool to start setting up an online store.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced retailer, it can help you create an online store that your consumers will love. A simple and elegant dashboard allows you to monitor and control your shop and statistics.

Once your business is set up, it's ready to go live and start selling. Many business owners who have nerve-wracking shop management difficulties weigh it when choosing this platform for their e-commerce store.

2. Great Support

Excellent customer service has been provided to help and make it a huge success. You can be sure that their customer support team is accessible 24/7 and will help you address any issues you may have while using this online retail system. You may reach out to them by email, live chat, or phone if you have any queries or difficulties.

Your queries and concerns will be dealt with promptly and passed on to the experts. They will take care of everything, and your issues will be resolved on the double.

Even if you have no previous experience in this field, you can still launch an e-commerce site with the aid of professionals. You may focus on expanding your business rather than worrying about your High-tech difficulties since they will handle such for you.

3-Buy Now, Pay Later Choice for Buyers

Shop Pay Installments allow you to split down purchases into four equal. This payment is interest-free. There are no hidden or late fees involved with our Shop Pay Installments. They have no impact on consumers' credit scores. Their 'buy now, pay later' service is already proving its potential as a substantial sales conversion engine for participating merchants just a few months after its debut.

4. A Vast Collection of Themes

It does no doubt that the platform is filled with access to thousands of ready-made themes. To get the best theme for your online business, go to the theme store and check out the wide variety of various styles, designs, functionalities, and prices available. You may pick from free or paid services, so cost is another factor to consider.

All themes are categorized so that you can locate a good theme without too much problem. The library has many subjects spanning the arts, apparel, jewelry, and culinary worlds, among others.

5. Multi-Payment Gateway Integration

If clients can't locate their preferred payment options on your website, they will likely leave your shop without buying anything. They're more likely to keep their displeasure, so they may return to your business even if they move to another choice.

And How About The Good News?

In addition to widely-used payment systems like PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and Stripe, It offers more than 100 payment methods. For those who are concerned about losing clients or creating a negative experience for them.

6. Across-Channel Selling

It allows you to sell in the location of your choice and with consumers who find you in any place. It is not the only option to earn income by trading on an e-commerce site. The built-in feature makes it easy to link your shop with other primary and robust marketplaces; It lets you sell your items through many channels.

Also, with only one platform to support, you are now able to reach out to a far greater number of potential customers, even from significant companies like Amazon and eBay. Another thing is, tapping into social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is hard to resist. It is considering that they have one of the largest online consumer bases in the globe. It will assist you with implementing this straight away.

7-Personalized App Suggestion

There is also a tailored app recommendation that other consumers utilize their online app or shop with the new upgrade if they haven't already done so before. When you do this, your app or website naturally expands due to the increased number of visitors.

That is why it's essential to have a top-notch Shopify developer on your team. They will evaluate your comprehension of the situation and ensure you are properly situated.

Our Shopify app development team is prepared to design a unique solution for you to set up an online store!

As soon as new clients approach us, they inquire about the cost of Shopify app development. We're curious about the details of the project and are available to assist. Our clients need both quality and low pricing, and as we have been working with startups and corporations for years, we know this fact well.

The extent of pricing models and the various stages of Shopify app development needs a large amount of guessing. Because clients need fully complete and automated stores, a basic template does not meet their needs.

There are hundreds of apps that support integration. However, the consumers are not high-tech aware, and they might be tricked by service providers that are less than reputable.

Sadly, we found that the business owners needed to be educated on determining project costs and avoiding getting robbed or paying too much (which clients are not supposed to).


Should you have any inquiries or wish to request a quotation with a list of the specific activities we will complete for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. I love speaking with you about your project.