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Freelance Shopify Designer in Dubai with Expertise and Innovativeness:

Good day, everyone! My experience and creative abilities mean I can design great Shopify projects, custom Shopify websites, JavaScript apps, and more.

Universal Exposure and Learning:

My prior experience with Middle Eastern and international firms, including,, SENYAR Group Kuwait, and, helped me expose myself to several countries.

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Shakeel Mumtaz

About Me

Glad to meet you! As a Shopify designer who has been in Dubai working on unique and ground-breaking projects, I believe I will be an asset to your team.

It is my pleasure to work with customers to ensure your goals are achieved by providing the finest possible online experiences. We can do it all together, whether it's boosting conversions and ROI or increasing engagement.

I've gained international experience that has not only expanded my talents but also altered my perspective.

I look for new ideas and unique strategies. Are you stuck with half-finished concepts or do you have trouble finishing your ideas? Find a professional that has the mindset of an entrepreneur and knows the needs and specs of the firm.

Let's chat! I will do exactly what you want, to your exact specifications.

Technical Skills & Services

Shopify Development

Store setup, Dropshipping store, Bug fixes, APIs Integration etc.

Shopify Theme Customization

Develop theme from scratch, HTML to Shopify theme, PSD to Shopify theme etc.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Shopify Store Speed Optimization, Improve Store User Experience, AB Testing etc.

Shopify Apps Development & Integration

Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Mobile app development, App customization etc.

eCommerce Store Migration to Shopify

From Wordpress, OpenCart, Magento, BigCartel, PrestaShop, Bigcommerce, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Improving Keyword Ranking, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Pagespeed Insights, Keyword Research etc.

My Portfolio

Rebel Girls
Sandal Souq
Slice Life
Jotun Paints


Akram Assaf Review

Akram Assaf, CTO at

I managed Shakeel in different projects and found him very easy to work with. He has deep understanding about software development standards and best practices. He delivers strong, clean, efficient code on time and operates with a high degree of integrity.

Reem Haj Ali Review

Reem Haj Ali, CEO at

He knows how to code, and his work completely reflects that. He shows complete devotion to his work, he is punctual and never interferes in things which are not related to his work. Loves his work, he is loyal to the work and a great colleague to work with. Shakeel is impressive.

Hisham Malik Review

Hisham Malik, CEO at Arkhitech

Shakeel has great ability to deliver on assigned development tasks with speed and accuracy. You can assign a task to Shakeel, clear out the requirements, and know that the task will be completed very fast. Shakeel has strong skills in Wordpress and has also developed libraries for Wordpress as well. I look forward to working with him in future.

Feeling like impressed?

Let's discuss your next big idea!

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How To Hire An Expert Shopify Web Store Designer?

Choosing the proper Shopify web designer is crucial when creating an e-commerce website. You don't have the time to explore when you've taken the initiative on your venture. Having a professional handle your e-commerce project is a must since you run a business unlike anything else.

Selecting a professional Shopify web designer can be difficult with so much competition and many claiming to be the best. After all, your online business success depends on it.

However, there are specific tried-and-true methods for finding the right expert. Finding an expert that works for you isn't simple.

A Shopify web designer Roles

They must create a unique and user-friendly Shopify web design that matches a company's logo and details. They ensure that a company's website is functional and current.

They can also make sure that the company's plugins operate with the shop template they build. They make sure the site is search engine friendly.

They connect many parts of a business. Integrate their store's presence and CRM tools. They help link the store to social media sites like Google Store.

They Work on making adjustments to a website's code. It may be programmed to meet the demands of each business. They evaluate and optimize the shop for optimum performance and usefulness. And keep an eye on the performance frequently.

What are the responsibilities?

Create a one-of-a-kind and user-friendly website tailored to a company's branding and needs.
  • Make sure your website is up to date and functional.
  • Create a shop template that fits with your company's plugins.
  • Integrate numerous business components with their online store.
  • Connect the store to a company's social networking channels.
  • Make any necessary changes to the source code.
  • Program the website to meet the demands of each business.
  • Ensure that the shop is optimized for optimum performance and usefulness.
  • Test and monitor a store's performance regularly.

These were the duties of a developer who would influence the success of your project. Now, let's speak about the traits that you should seek in e-commerce professional. In our opinion, the following is the essential list of qualities that we have compiled. It may help you get ahead in your Shopify web design project.

1-Experience In A Relevant Industry

They work on several platforms to create a wide range of websites. What matters most to you is whether or not the creator has experience in this industry. Relevant experience is knowledge on how to build e-commerce websites using this platform. Because the platform and technology used are not the same as those found on a WordPress site, a full grasp of the platform's capabilities and customization is necessary.

2-A Proven History

A solid track record is a broad concept. Suppose the specialist has a track record of exceeding his clients' expectations. This is not something you can learn by interviewing the professional. You can gain by speaking with their previous clientele. Get some comments and learn about the previous clients' experiences with them.

3-A Diverse Portfolio

A portfolio should be both diverse and attractive. Your e-commerce website is crucial, and you should not entrust it to a novice. A solid portfolio allows you to see what kind of websites the expert has developed. How well do they fit your e-commerce site building requirements? You may look at the expert's work style. Verify the quality of their work across numerous projects. See if they can produce on time by looking at their portfolio.

4-Good Conversation Skills

The builder must keep open contact with you throughout the project process. It ensures that you're both on the same page. They must be able to communicate their ideas as plainly as possible. Every site process requires the interchange of ideas and information.

5-Knowledge of SEO Fundamentals

For an e-commerce site, search engine optimization is critical since it aids in increasing the site's exposure in search engines. It aids in the acquisition of visitors and consumers for your website. If the creator is familiar with SEO, they can include it in the website design to provide visitors with a good experience. The site's load time can be decreased. Compress the images to keep the website from becoming hefty. Limiting the use of movies and animations might help to speed up the loading process.

6-Attain a Proactive Attitude

A proactive attitude recognizes a problem early on and solves it rather than waiting for it to worsen. It is a constructive strategy that may help you save time. Allow your team to figure out what the problem is and the best method to solve it. One of the most desirable traits for anybody working in the industry is a proactive attitude.

7-Experience with Responsive Website (RWD)

These days, the first request clients make is that their website is mobile-friendly or responsive. It implies that the website will work equally effectively on all devices, regardless of the screen size and resolution used to access it. About 50% of online consumers use the internet through their mobile devices. Your e-commerce website must be responsive; therefore. Experience and idea of developing responsive websites is a vital attribute.

Shakeel Mumtaz is proficiently skilled at building, launching, and maintaining stores on the right platform. They have expert knowledge of the platform's admin system. They have a deep sense of e-commerce design elements. They understand the technical efficiency and limitations that the platform has to offer. Not only that, but they have a team that are well-versed in the forum and has a track record of producing visually appealing and interactive e-commerce stores.

The project they worked on is mobile-friendly, ensuring that your online business works flawlessly on any device. An in-depth grasp of search engine optimization concepts enables us to build optimized websites for search engine results. It can lead to learning more about our Shopify web design services.


If you have any questions or would need a quote with a list of the precise tasks we'll undertake for you, please contact us. It is delightful to discuss your project.