How to start a POD store with Printful & Shopify (Complete guide)

Print on demand (POD) is a low-risk way to sell products or capitalize on a brand. Low investment and risk attract a higher number of investors in this field. It is an easy way to capitalize on a brand or create a custom design product. 

POD is mostly preferred by artists and designers who want to sell their brands to their fans. The recent Printful Shopify integration has taken this business stream to new heights.

It simplified selling products online. It allows rapid movement in simplified processes with the help of print on demand. You can easily make unique products but you don’t need to produce them or store them in your warehouse. But your customers can easily purchase them from your Store.

Printful and Shopify Basics


It is a paid e-commerce platform that allows you to sell your product and accept payment from the customers. A Shopify store can be easily created with the help of a freelance Shopify developer. Management and marketing are very easy on this platform. 


  • Price- Transaction fee + Monthly subscription 
  • Good for Small businesses
  • Setup time is Very fast
  • Live shipping rates are available 
  • Not an Open source


Printful is different from Shopify. The stores provided by this platform are free to use and it completely focuses on POD  services and products. With the help of a this app, you can design your own product like Mugs, t-shirts, and hats and sell them on a website to your customers.


  • Price- Only pay when someone purchases something
  • Good for Brands and artists
  • Setup time is Very fast
  • Live shipping rates are available 
  • It is an Open source platform

On POD apps when someone will make a purchase from your website then only products will be printed and shipped to them. So storage and shipping are not a problem for the seller. 

Shopify is a great platform to start an e-commerce business while Printful is a great printer and shipper. Together both the apss can create a very healthy e-commerce system for POD.  

POD features & benefits

There are numerous benefits and features of the print-on-demand e-commerce business which makes it an ideal choice for everyone who wants to start a profitable business.

  • Product customization- The length of customization that print Shopify apps offer is unmatchable. 
  • High-quality prints- POD suppliers are usually known for their high-quality prints and affordable prices.
  • The low entry point for business- You do not need a heavy investment or inventory for starting a business. The low entry point makes it accessible to more people and reduces the risk.
  • Easy and fast setup- The easy setup process is the reason why Printful dropshipping is the easiest online store to establish. It takes only a few minutes to begin with print on demand. You just need to have a customer base willing to buy your products. 
  • Unlimited Inventory- There is no entry limit or production limit in inventory. The stocks are unlimited and you won’t face any shortage issues. 
  • Higher Profits- If you compare the investment and returns of POD with other conventional businesses, it generates higher profits and revenue. 
  • Easy to Scale- The inventory is unlimited but it is also easy to scale. You can begin with 100 products also but you obviously need a good strategy and plan to grow and sell more products.  

Start POD store with Printful and Shopify

Connecting both platforms is very easy and takes a few minutes only.  Follow these steps and your platforms will be well integrated: 

  1. Signup Printful home page using your name, email, and password.
  2. Log in to your Shopify account and install Printful from the apps menu under the order and shipping section.
  3. Enter the required details and connect both apps together.
  4. Add Products from the Printful dashboard.
  5. Now you can customize these products as per your choice. If you want to go more creative you can take the help of a freelance web developer. 


Printful also offers Product customization tools for customers making the products even more unique and attractive to them. Printful app and Shopify shipping are a remarkable combination for e-commerce businesses. Once you get hold of it you can ace in the POD market. 

Meta:  Printful app and Shopify are the perfect combination and offer great features that every e-commerce seller needs to establish a profitable store online.

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