Shopify digital downloads guide (Plus 6 digital download apps)

Digital media has opened doors to new opportunities and businesses. People can’t only sell services but now they can offer digital products to the consumers. 

But what are these products which are sold online and how Shopify digital download is helping simplify things for merchants? 

What are digital products?

It is something that can be repeatedly sold and distributed online and it is often consumed online. They can be videos, PDF,  MP3, plugins, templates, and many more. 

The consumer base for this product is increasing constantly and there are a lot of advantages that make them easy to sell and create on Shopify apps for digital products.

  • They are usually cost-effective. Both producer and buyer did not have to bear any shipping charges or hold inventory for them.
  • The return for these products is extremely high and they usually bring high-profit margins.
  • The products can be delivered instantly without any delay.
  • It offers a lot of flexibility and you are free to build and sell anything on these platforms. 

What products can you sell?

There are a lot of products that you can sell using Shopify digital download apps. The more creative and expert you are on a topic the better you can attract an audience and sell your product.

 These are some of the recommendations that you can consider while selling a product in a online goods store.

  • You can sell educational products like courses, PDFs, and ebooks.
  • You can sell licenses for digital assets like stock photos, video footage, sound effects, music, and many more.
  • If you are good at providing any service you can also sell its membership.
  • Digital templates, software plugins.  UX Kits, Icons, fonts, and many other online tools can be sold online.
  • Digital art and music are also fit for being vended.
  • You can sell services and skills courses on this Shopify app.

6 best Shopify digital download apps

1. Digital Downloads

It is one of the best digital download apps for Shopify. It is free to use and the key features offer simple and unique ways to sell products. Unique software attachments are present which monitors installation and sales. 

After the checkout, it automatically emails files and links to the customer and also keeps the customer updated by sending them reports of new updates and files. 

2. SendOwl

SendOwl is a paid app and it charges $9/month. This application is also very popular and it has more than 8 million Shopify client requests. 

It is useful for complex online product businesses and its features are very handy with useful automation. It gives expiring links and the license key is auto-generated to power the products.

A dedicated Full-time SendOwl team is also present to support and improve the services all the time. 

3. Sky Pilot

SkyPilot is a highly rated application and it is most useful in building membership programs that allow the user to sell files and do exclusive video streams for the customers. The customers can easily preview all their previous purchase files through their accounts. It gives complete convenience and control over the marketing. 

4. FetchApp

FetchApp offers free services up to 5 MB of storage. It is an effective and adaptable Shopify app.  It provides easy order management and multiple files can be attached to a single product. FetchApp does not take any commission fee from its users. 

5. Single Music

Single music is an ideal platform for musicians and they can easily sell their music here. It bridges the gap between the physical and digital music world. The music fans can buy collections of single tracks, pre-orders, groups, and even merchandise from their favorite star.

Chart Reporting and proactive boost linking are also available here which promotes the growth of the sellers and drives more followers to them. 

6. ShopShare

ShopShare makes product purchasing fun. The majority of the users have claimed that whenever they purchase an item they see an interesting video related to the item here. 


Online free and paid Shopify products are a good idea to be in the e-commerce business. It does not need any investment but it only needs consistency, skill, and patience. And for expert skills, you can take the help of a freelance web developer

But there are few other things that you must keep in your mind before you start selling an online download software, product, or tool. 

  • There is abundant free content available on the internet so your digital goods must be good enough to attract an audience and sell them your product.
  • Be careful with your niche and your target audience because if the target audience is not capable of buying your digital products then offering premium services won’t do any good for you.
  • Piracy is also common on the internet so you have to keep your products secure and license them to keep them protected.
  • Some channels have few restrictions on selling products. For instance, Facebook and Instagram only allow selling physical products through their commerce policy.

Once you overcome these obstacles you can easily learn how to sell digital downloads on Shopify, set up a store with the help of a freelance Shopify developer, and earn good revenue through it. 

Meta: Shopify digital downloads products and apps are gaining immense popularity and consumer base. It is a good and affordable e-commerce idea.

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