Complete guide to Klaviyo Shopify: Know every benefit of Klaviyo

Building a relationship with the customer is an effective way of growing e-commerce business and the most obvious and cost-effective way is email marketing. Through email marketing, a brand can directly speak to a customer in the inbox.

A perfect email strategy for an online store can impact the marketing channels heavily. There are a lot of email marketing integrations available for e-commerce stores but Klaviyo Shopify is the most reliable one.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a tool built for Shopify Plus stores to boost their e-commerce email marketing. It is a popular growth engine and it has proven itself as a better alternative than Mailchimp and other email platforms. It is a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to directly connect with customers. 

Using this integration you can begin better-targeted communication and send more personalized and effective messages to your customers in just a few seconds.

How does it work?

It collects & stores information and data about customers that is used in delivering better communication messages to them. Its email marketing strategy is better than Shopify’s email marketing because it collects more relevant data and it targets the customers efficiently. 

It boosts sales by heavily targeting potential customers and sending them relevant properly customized communications. With just one-click integration, Klaviyo offers a better Facebook, email, and Instagram marketing strategy. According to statistics, Shopify stores make $85 on every dollar they spend on Klaviyo because of its effective email marketing strategies.

Benefits of Klaviyo 

A step ahead from basic newsletters 

Newsletters have become an integral part of every business marketing strategy; it keeps the audience aware of relevant news and updates related to the brand. But are basic newsletters enough to keep your audience hooked to your brand?

No! and that’s why Klaviyo  Shopify has customized newsletters that can attract more audiences and will keep their loyal customer base hooked to the brand.

Better access to Shopify Data

You can only prepare an effective strategy when you have better access to all the relevant data.  Klaviyo has more access to Shopify’s own email provider. It can help prepare super targeted and effective marketing campaigns that will boost sales.

Amazing Klaviyo’s segmentation

Another reason for its popularity is its segmentation engine which helps in making better personal connections with the customers. This segmentation helps the merchant go beyond the basic targeting and add more value to their brand. 

It provides better hold over order value, website browsing behavior, and unlimited customer attributes. It does not require any complicated technical knowledge just a few clicks and your work is done.

Pre-built templates

Shopify offers numerous options of aesthetic and professional pre-built email templates. You can browse through hundreds of templates and select one that matches your brand and product assortment. Customizing them is also easy and you can take the help of a freelance web developer to make it even easier.

Pre-built flows

The pre-build flow of Klaviyo allows you to make more money even when you are not working. You can get inspiration from hundreds of pre-built floor options and select one which matches your needs.

It will save time in sending personalized messages to customers that will help you in driving more revenue. 

Deliver messages on time 

With Klaviyo you can be sure that your message will hit inboxes on time. Doesn’t matter if you are sending messages to 1,000, 10,000, or 100,000 email subscribers just set your time and your message will get delivered at the correct time.

Why is it the best Shopify integration? 

It is a very strong email marketing integration tool. It helps in powerful automation and provides simple segmentation options.

Instead of spending long hours finding data and sending personalized messages to valuable customers, you can do it in just a few clicks with the help of this integration.

More than a thousand stores use this integration to sell more on digital stores. It is of great use in the following cases:

  • Repeat customers 
  • Big spenders 
  • Customers who purchase in a certain category of product gift-givers
  • Subscribers who never purchase from the store

How to integrate Klaviyo and Shopify?

There are multiple integrations of Klaviyo and Shopify which can be used to gather leads, activate automated emails, and put the email marketing on autopilot mode in Klaviyo. The process is different for each integration and taking the help of a freelance Shopify developer is recommended. 

It is perfect for e-commerce stores in multiple terms. pricing and plans are also affordable and cost-effective. 

Meta: Klaviyo  Shopify is a strong e-commerce email marketing tool for boosting sales and maintaining better communication with the audience.

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