Top 6 best free Shopify themes

Selecting the best theme is very important for an online store. Themes give the first impression to a visitor and it also impacts the SEO of a website.

No matter how effective your products are If a user doesn’t get a good impression from your website there is a high chance that they will not come back again. So how do you select the best free Shopify themes? 

What is the Shopify theme?

Before selecting the theme you must know what is a Shopify theme?

It is a template that you can use on your e-commerce stores and website to give it a specific look and feel. Each template has a different style layout and can be easily customized with the help of a freelance Shopify developer.

How to select the perfect Shopify theme?

Selecting the best Shopify template is easy if you keep these points in your mind. 

Focus on the target audience

The best among all is the one that matches the needs of your target audience. 

User experience

Before selecting any theme, always prioritize your customer experience first. Select the one which is compatible and responsive on mobile and other devices.

Features of theme

It should not only look good but it must have useful features also. Make sure that you select an SEO-friendly template because that will help your website increase ranking in the Google index.


Customization is also a crucial feature while selecting a Shopify template. Shopify themes can be customized using codes only. Hiring a freelance web developer is recommended for customization.

Perfect for your niche

Always make sure that your theme Vibes with your products. If you are focused on just one niche or product then select the most compatible design in that niche.

Top 6 free best Shopify themes (responsive & beautiful)

1. Customize

Customize tops the list because it is a highly personalizable and customizable. It comes with a lot of amazing features like:

  • Customizable product
  • Live preview
  • Multiple section addition in each page
  • Main slideshow
  • Multiple ready-made elements
  • Shop the look feature

The ‘Customize’ theme also includes a USB bar that can be used for announcing important things and it comes with a newsletter. 

But it also has some limitations that you can bypass only by upgrading it. You cannot have a dynamic layout with easy access to all pages on the free version. By upgrading it you will also get multiple Demos and priority support. 

2. Debut

The debut theme is supported and distributed by Shopify itself. The reason behind its popularity is its amazing features and easy customization. Debut is super-fast and has smooth navigation.  It easily adapts itself to mobile phones and other devices.

Another factor that makes Debut a customer’s favorite is its high responsiveness on all kinds of devices.  It suits a broad range of stores, the theme is very flexible and can be easily customized.

3. Thalia

Thalia is a very flexible theme supported by Shopify itself.  If you want to give your website a stylish and sleek look then it is perfect for you. 

The minimal design look makes it suitable for apparel or fashion shops. But it still can be easily customized to suit any kind of Shopify Store.

Some of the unique features of the thalia theme are: 

  • Responsive design
  • Responsive slideshow
  • Advanced filter
  • Swatches for product display

Thalia also has a slide-out card that is powered by ajax. 

4. Simple

With 83% positive reviews, Simple is a customer’s favorite. Most new store owners directly go for the ‘simple’ template. It is clean with a minimalist design and the setup process is very easy. 

It offers all the basic functionality that you will need to run an E-Commerce Store efficiently.

Simple is most efficient for a website shop page because it provides a huge space for product image display.

5. Brooklyn

Brooklyn offers two Shopify themes. The first one is a classic which has a modern sleek look and the other one is a  cute Shopify theme named as playful style. Classic is suitable for apparel and fashion cloth stores while playful style matches bakery and kids clothing shops the best.

The major attraction of this template is a slideshow where you can showcase multiple products on the top of your page. You can also access a product grid to display your popular product as a gallery.

Another attractive feature of the same is slide-out-cart and homepage video. The homepage video can help explain to the customer about the product or company. The slide-out cart saves the time and effort of customers and directly leads them to the shopping cart. 

6. Debutify

Debutify is a great alternative for Shopify-distributed themes. The best part of this theme is it does not require coding and this secured its rank in the best free Shopify themes

 Debutify has more advanced options compared to the above-mentioned themes. The page loading speed is also very high in Debutify. You can add customizable photos and product testimonials at the end of the page. 

Debutify also has advanced product filters and image sliders to enrich the user experience. 

Meta: Competition is heavy between themes to be on the list of top best free Shopify themes. These 6 Shopify themes are the best free Shopify themes.

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