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Expert and Innovative Freelance Shopify Developer Based in Ajman:

Hi there! With over 13 years of Shopify development experience and innovation, I am experienced in the field of shopify developement, and an expert in building excellent quality Shopify apps, custom Shopify websites, Javascript apps, e-commerce projects and more.

Experience with Companies across Ajman and Beyond:

So far, I have worked with clients in the Middle East and beyond, including,, SENYAR Group Kuwait, among others.

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Shakeel Mumtaz

About Me

Good to meet you! I am a creative and innovative freelance shopify developer and expert for shopify development working in the Ajman.

I enjoy working proactively with my clients to build the best web experiences possible and ensure all of your goals are exceeded, whether increasing conversion and ROI or engagement.

With over 13 years of experience and innovation, I have worked with clients in the Middle East and beyond, including,, SENYAR Group Kuwait, and more.

I am always in search of new opportunities and ideas. Do you have half-cooked ideas or want to outsource your work? Then let's talk - tell me your requirements, and I'll provide best possible solution!

Technical Skills & Services

I have been providing services of shopify developer for around 10+ years in Ajman. I am an expert shopify developer with skills in web design & development, wordpress, shopify etc.. Depending on my position, I can work in a flexible and strict environment with my working adaptability. With my shopify developer skills, I will focus on finding success.

Shopify Development

Store setup, Dropshipping store, Bug fixes, shopify speed optimization etc.

Shopify Theme Development & Customization

Develop theme from scratch, HTML to Shopify theme, PSD to Shopify theme etc.

Shopify Plugin Development & Customization

Develop custom plugin, Extension Development, Plugin Customization, Bug fixes etc.

Shopify App Development & Customization

Mobile app development, App customization, bug fixes etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Improving Keyword Ranking, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Pagespeed Insights, Keyword Research etc.

Dev-Ops Management

CentOS, Ubuntu, Server Management, Deployment, Website Migration etc.

My Portfolio

I have helped several in Ajman based business to grow during my freelance career by providing web design & development, wordpress, shopify etc. services that are unique. I have worked with many different industries as a shopify developer namely, health, finance, business, etc. I have 10+ years of experience as a shopify developer and have worked as a freelancer at top companies.

Rebel Girls
Sandal Souq
Slice Life
Jotun Paints


In my journey, I worked on high traffic and complex software solutions having millions of users. My client's brand awareness and growth increased over time due to unique services provided.


I have generated original content to boost and represent the presence of the many company brand for their location. For my shopify developer clients, I have created different online marketing campaigns, scripts, and media plans for multiple clients. Edited professional websites and focused on writing healthcare content.

For shopify developer in Ajman clients, I had written, edited, and rewrote different articles assigned from time to time. By performing extensive web research to gather valuable data, I produce valuable content for guest posting.

Akram Assaf Review

Akram Assaf, CTO at

I managed Shakeel in different projects and found him very easy to work with. He has deep understanding about software development standards and best practices. He delivers strong, clean, efficient code on time and operates with a high degree of integrity.

Reem Haj Ali Review

Reem Haj Ali, CEO at

He knows how to code, and his work completely reflects that. He shows complete devotion to his work, he is punctual and never interferes in things which are not related to his work. Loves his work, he is loyal to the work and a great colleague to work with. Shakeel is impressive.

Hisham Malik Review

Hisham Malik, CEO at Arkhitech

Shakeel has great ability to deliver on assigned development tasks with speed and accuracy. You can assign a task to Shakeel, clear out the requirements, and know that the task will be completed very fast. Shakeel has strong skills in Wordpress and has also developed libraries for Wordpress as well. I look forward to working with him in future.


I have done BS(CS) at the University of Punjab and retained good GPA. Other than the studies, I have participated in several IT related events in Ajman through which I learn extra skills of frontend development, data scraping and data mining to coordinate with the valuable data of my client company.

Feeling like impressed?

Let's discuss your next big idea!

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Although not legal in some countries but the United Arab Emirates Shopify is legal. People can manage their online business on Shopify store and sell several products in ajman. To establish their business, they must require a license from the ajman trading association.
The development rate of a Shopify store depends on the module of your business store. On an average scale, the developers of the Shopify store can earn more than 90,000 dollars in the year as per the Zip Recruiter organization.
The web layout design and understanding the interface design structure of online customer stores is the duty of the web developer. So it is necessary to hire a professional web developer that will never compromise on the website UI.
A Shopify developer is one of the primary people which you need to build a UI of your e-commerce store. The developer is a highly specialized coding expert who will handle the graph of your store. The expert web developer will add a level of skills and specialization to build an e-commerce store.

Reasons to Start Your Business as a Freelance Shopify Developer in Ajman

As a beginner freelance developer, it may be easy for you to imagine yourself as a freelancer and working from your comfort zone at your home. Now you don't need to go for work in tech companies for 8 hours. If you are investing your skills and time in a company as a web scraper developer, but you want to start your career as a freelance web scraping developer in Ajman, then you might be worried about some steps that lead you towards your business as a freelancer. SO what are the reasons to starts your business as a Freelancer in the required field?

This is my personal shopify freelance website where you can find answer to your every question related to web development and shopify extension development agency. I work as a shopify expert in Ajman.

do you want to hire shopify web developer support?

Besides being an expert in web development, I’ve also mastered working along Word Press, Shopify, SEO, Front end development shopify expert developer upwork in Ajman and much more. In other words I can help you with any kind of web development and content creation you are looking for.

I’m not only versatile but I am also able to work under complex, flexible and strict working environment just according to your will. Besides, I have worked as freelance ecommerce developer in Ajman.

I like to work in accordance with my client and in the given time limit, so that my client can have the best work they want and with good quality and extreme precision.

What work environment is suitable for you to work?

There are different shopify backend developer hourly rate. I can easily work in any environment, from flexible to strict environment. I can work just according to your needs and requirements along with the customizations that you want in your preferred work.

I can easily alter the general standards of shopify custom development and web developments according to your desire that can help you in having the dream web or other shopify ecommerce development services you want. So i am providing shopify web development services in Ajman.

In this way you can have a unique web development that can describe your work and your statement more prominently. Not only this, I am very keen to follow the deadline and the time limit you want me to work in.

I prefer to work according to the requirements and the concerns of my client so that they can rely on me without any worry. I am able to work under the time provided to me and with huge accuracy. In this way you get your work done with precision and in limited time.

Besides your work experience, have you ever worked with people outside Ajman?

There are many shopify agencies in Ajman. I do prefer working within Ajman or Ajman, but as a matter of fact; I have worked even beyond Middle East. I’ve also worked with known websites like, SENYAR Group Kuwait, etc.

The experience that I have gained from these workings is beyond my imagination. This is a main reason that I am now able to work under any kind of situation.

Not only this, these websites and people have helped me to enhance and upgrade my working as compared to the regular shopify website app development company. Once interacted, you will feel the clear difference between my working ethics and other regular freelance shopify developers.

What are the fields except web development and shopify plugin development that you are good at?

As web development is a huge platform with a number of varieties and variations in it, I have mastered most of the aspects of web development.

I am not only capable of web development or shopify mobile app development services Ajman, but I can also provide you with other multiple tasks like work as shopify backend developer. As web development requires other different tasks to be done along it, you won’t have to heir anyone else while working with me.

Along with shopify design and development services, I can work along on Word Press and Woo commerce, from Front end development till Data scraping and automation, also working in Dev.–Ops management and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can have everything you need under one roof with quality and guarantee.

Besides the development, customization and upgrading of the websites, I am also able to fix the bugs that may destroy your website and it’s functioning in case there is heavy traffic. I can easily develop, customize, update and make your website secure with huge concern and affection so that you can enjoy what you have demanded.

Do you prefer your clients more than your work?

Clients are the main source behind my success and work abilities today, due to which I respect them more than my work. To me, client’s perspective and their idea is the main source that helps me to work in such huge versatility and innovative perspective. As every client has its own ideas and vision, I respect and try to work according to the goals of my clients.

The more you work with them, keeping their ideas and interests before your working style, the more innovative and versatile you get. Working with different people and their different mind sets always amazes me and fills me joy, that how much variation and innovation can be seen within this same small world.

What would be available for us in shopify store development services?

As shopify is a platform where you can develop your own website online according to your theme idea and goals, I have mastered the main tricks and techniques that help you to create the most innovative and creative websites around. While working on shopify local theme development services, I can perform plugin or shopify theme development from scratch.

Whether you want a dark aesthetic theme or a solid decent theme for your website, I can easily and efficiently create that theme for you.

Along with this I can perform speed optimization and website customization. If you want me to customize your website into holiday theme I can easily do that with versatility and in good quality. From fonts, images to the background, everything will be insured to be according to your desired theme.

I not only customize and develop websites, but I’ve also learnt how to fix the bugs and keep your website safe from cookies and bugs. You can easily create and maintain your website just according to your desired goal under careful observation.

Being a web development professional, I will make sure that your work will be done according to your needs and requirements. I prefer taking to my clients about the whole idea what they have in their mind so that I can give my level best in order to create the exact idea they want to be in their website.

Prices? Questions? Comments?

Let’s talk – get in touch with any questions you have or to receive a quote a breakdown of work tailored to your exact requirements. Looking forward to discussing your project!