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Expert and Innovative Web Scraping Freelancer Based in Fujairah:

I am Web scraping freelancer specialist for your data extraction needs with a decade of experience.

Experience with Companies across Fujairah and Beyond:

So far, I have worked with clients in the Middle East and beyond, including,, SENYAR Group Kuwait, among others.

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Shakeel Mumtaz

About Me

Good to meet you! I am a creative and innovative data scraping developer and the expert for software development working in the Fujairah.

I enjoy working proactively with my clients to build the best web experiences possible and ensure all of your goals are exceeded, whether increasing conversion and ROI or engagement.

With over 13 years of experience and innovation, I have worked with clients in the Middle East and beyond, including,, SENYAR Group Kuwait, and more.

I am always in search of new opportunities and ideas. Do you have half-cooked ideas or want to outsource your work? Then let's talk - tell me your requirements, and I'll provide best possible solution!

Technical Skills & Services

I have been providing services of web scraping r for around 10+ years in Fujairah. I am an expert web scraping r with skills in web design & development, wordpress, shopify etc.. Depending on my position, I can work in a flexible and strict environment with my working adaptability. With my web scraping r skills, I will focus on finding success.

Data Scraping & Automation

Extract data from any Website, Scrapy, Nokogiri, Task Automation etc.

Mobile Apps Data Scraping

Android Data Scraping, iOS Data Scraping , Windows Phone Data Scraping etc.

Headless Data Scraping

Puppeteer, Scraper API, Selenium, Watir, CasperJS, etc.

Ajax Data Scraping

Ajax Data Scraping, Javascript Based Website, AngularJS Data Scraping, ReactJS Data Scraping etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Improving Keyword Ranking, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Pagespeed Insights, Keyword Research etc.

Dev-Ops Management

CentOS, Ubuntu, Server Management, Deployment, Website Migration etc.

My Portfolio

I have helped several in Fujairah based business to grow during my freelance career by providing web design & development, wordpress, shopify etc. services that are unique. I have worked with many different industries as a web scraping r namely, health, finance, business, etc. I have 10+ years of experience as a web scraping r and have worked as a freelancer at top companies.

Ministry Of Labor
Rebel Girls
Jotun Paints


In my journey, I worked on high traffic and complex software solutions having millions of users. My client's brand awareness and growth increased over time due to unique services provided.


I have generated original content to boost and represent the presence of the many company brand for their location. For my web scraping r clients, I have created different online marketing campaigns, scripts, and media plans for multiple clients. Edited professional websites and focused on writing healthcare content.

For web scraping r in Fujairah clients, I had written, edited, and rewrote different articles assigned from time to time. By performing extensive web research to gather valuable data, I produce valuable content for guest posting.

Akram Assaf Review

Akram Assaf, CTO at

I managed Shakeel in different projects and found him very easy to work with. He has deep understanding about software development standards and best practices. He delivers strong, clean, efficient code on time and operates with a high degree of integrity.

Reem Haj Ali Review

Reem Haj Ali, CEO at

He knows how to code, and his work completely reflects that. He shows complete devotion to his work, he is punctual and never interferes in things which are not related to his work. Loves his work, he is loyal to the work and a great colleague to work with. Shakeel is impressive.

Hisham Malik Review

Hisham Malik, CEO at Arkhitech

Shakeel has great ability to deliver on assigned development tasks with speed and accuracy. You can assign a task to Shakeel, clear out the requirements, and know that the task will be completed very fast. Shakeel has strong skills in Wordpress and has also developed libraries for Wordpress as well. I look forward to working with him in future.


I have done BS(CS) at the University of Punjab and retained good GPA. Other than the studies, I have participated in several IT related events in Fujairah through which I learn extra skills of frontend development, data scraping and data mining to coordinate with the valuable data of my client company.

Feeling like impressed?

Let's discuss your next big idea!

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The expense for scrapping a site varies from site to site. Initially, the web scraper can ask for $10 per site page. Also, scraping organizations will, in general, charge a greater cost.
There is no uncertainty that most positions requiring web scraping are tech-significant ones, such as Engineering and Information Technology. There are numerous different sorts of works that additionally require web scraping abilities like Human Resources, promoting, business improvement, examination, deals, and counseling.
Indeed, you can bring in cash utilizing web scraping. .One of the basic levels of earning points through web scraping is that you can build web scraping bots for individuals. Fabricate your own web scrubber and use it to give web scraping administrations.
However long the information is public, it ought to be fine. Despite the fact that a few sites may make reference to in wording explicitly that web scraping of their substance isn't accepted.

Things Do Not Overlook While Hiring a web scraping freelancer in Fujairah

A web scraping freelancer can develop your site from the beginning. You can locate a particular engineer who can chip away at both the front end and back finish of your site to convey the look and usefulness you need. web scraping freelancer in Fujairah offers the customization of organizations or in-house engineers.

However, they provide web development services at a small amount of expense. You'll additionally have direct communication with an independent web designer so that you can monitor your project stage at each phase of the cycle. So while hiring a web scraping freelancer, you need to concentrate on various things.

Best Web Scraping Freelancer in Fujairah who meets all your need

Website scraping is a dynamic tool of modern times. If used rightly, it leads to efficient extraction and dissemination of data. However, it directs to legal action if used in the wrong hands.

Web scraping is used to gather information and extract data from websites through specialized software. It will help to grow your new or already established business by 10times.

I can provide you the valuable and clean data that you need to take your business one step ahead. I will help you to add value to your business and make your life easier and better.

You can innovate faster by executing and testing new ideas quickly without getting banned, coding hassles, or broken spiders.

Today! I have helped so many organizations to secure competitive profits, make smart decisions, and have sustainable growth.

Your business needs my web scraping tools

Web scraping has become an essential skill in the digital world. With my web scraping skill, you can settle for nothing but the best for your business. With web scraping, I will make it possible for you to keep track of the reputation of your company and brand.

There are unlimited uses of web scraping in different scenarios. However, the uses for general users include:

1. Contact information extraction

If you want to compile a list of manufacturers, suppliers, and other people related to your company or business, with their emails, contact addresses, and phone numbers, then my web scraping services are there to do it all for you.

2. Data collection for market research

You can move ahead six months forward than your competitors with my extraordinary market research through web scraping.

I can collect data from different market research firms and data analytics and integrate them in one place for thorough analysis and referencing to comprehend your business tactics in a better way.

3. Job search and candidates

For persons who are seeking a good particular job or if you are planning to grow your team with skillful candidates, I can fetch and put together data effectively without any manual search for you.

4. Price tracking

I will help you with setting up the prices for your products and services by scraping customer information and then making a dynamic price strategy for your business.

You can improve your business by adding value to the service that your competitor is missing and that’s where you can increase your profit. I will help you to keep a timely check on changing prices and promotional events in the market.

5. Download solutions for offline reading

With my web scraping services, I will provide you with downloaded solutions by storing and collecting data from a variety of websites (Q&A Websites and Stackoverflow). You can access the resources in case of unavailability of the internet.

Web scraping projects

I have been doing web scraping freelancer projects for clients all over the world including web scraping freelancer upwork. The projects vary from:

  • PHP web scraping
  • Scraping emails
  • E-commerce web scraping
  • Contact details
  • Images
  • Scrape online products to Excel

I provide web scraping services that are of the highest quality and economical depending on the nature and size of your work including web scraping freelancer python and web scraping freelancer remote. It is the most trusted service of freelancers in Fujairah with access to the latest software and techniques required to decipher the data.

SEO and data extraction

You can figure out your SEO competitors easily for a particular field by my data extraction services. To have the perfect idea of what is driving traffic to your competitors website, I will give you all the related details like broken links or the verification of the performance of your content on the website.

Why hire a web scraping freelancer as compared to a full-time employee?

In the UAE, I will provide you with highly talented and skilled freelancers with Individual skills. It is really affordable rather than hiring a full-time employee as it saves almost 50 percent of business costs.

You are in safe hands because here, the freelancers have proper authentication of profile and skill. I will charge you when you are totally satisfied with our work. I am just a click away from hiring a web scraping freelancer in Fujairah.

Quality assurance

I have specially designed algorithms for quality assurance that will make sure that every step in web scraping is functioning quickly and finely. I take pride in my web scraping services as it is

  • Error-free and highly accurate service
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Many satisfied clients around the world

I will sift through the maze of data on a website to find out what you need precisely. Then all the extracted data is verified and validated to check the integrity of the result.

My extracted data is clean and free of old, duplicate, and any raw data to provide you the best possible result.

I make data scraping easier for you

I have the patented web scraping tools that will gather bespoke solutions for your business needs that are reliable, fast, and at scale. I can handle JavaScript, Ajax, and dynamic sites. I can save tons of your effort and time from such mundane work as product optimization by collecting data in the form of reviews, feedback, and sentiment analysis.

I will provide you with the freelancers in Fujairah that have the data knowledge of web scraping with quality and compliance. I can make every extraction challenge a huge success at any scale. By constantly improving the coverage and quality of data extraction, I give customized, quick integrations and additional settings for crawlers. I have worked as a freelancer with many different companies and businesses to help them grow with the unique ideas of my web scraping services.

Contact me today to know how I can help you to deliver the web scraping of data you need.

Prices? Questions? Comments?

Let’s talk – get in touch with any questions you have or to receive a quote a breakdown of work tailored to your exact requirements. Looking forward to discussing your project!